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Best of Oman Custom Tour 
Oman Custom Tour can be shortened or extended to the period you wish, also can be  customized to meet your specific requirements. As result, you can  add or drop off some locations such as: deserts, beaches, mountains, wadis and historical places. Also can involve more activities such as: camping, hiking, swimming, desert safari, culture and adventure.

In case of any changes you like to do on the following tour; Please contact us and let us know your specific inquiries.  
We are happy to guide you. Furthermore, final price will be provided accordingly.

Day 1:  Start your Best of Oman Custom Tour; leaving in the morning to the Oasis of Nakhl. visit the fort and the hot spring. Then continue to Wadi Bani Awf  here you can walk and swim in the wadi. Continue the off-road drive across the Western Hajar Mountains to the hidden village of Balad Sayt.  Then we will travel through Al Hamra and Wadi Ghul to the peak of Jebel Shams - Sun Mountain.  Here we  stay overnight at a mountain resort and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of being at the very top of Oman. 

Day 2:  After breakfast we will set off on an incredible hike around the rim of the cliff.  The views are fantastic and considered some of the best in Oman.  This canyon is known as the Oman Grand Canyon.  After the hike we will continue the tour and travel to Al Hamra and visit Bait Al Safa, a traditional Omani house where you will see how Omanis used to live.  Next we drive to Bahla and visit the famous Bahla Fort which considered the oldest and biggest fort in Oman. From here we drive to our hotel in Nizwa.

Day 3:  In the morning we visit the ancient capital of Oman. Nizwa is one of the oldest cities in Oman and it was once a center of trade, religion and education. We will visit the old part of the city and walk around the traditional Souq where there will be an opportunity to purchase and see many traditional Omani things. Also you can see the huge Round Fort standing in the central of the city. Next we will travel to the golden Wahiba Sands desert. At Wahiba you will experience the 4X4 driving on the sand dunes before arriving -in time- at the traditional permanent camp to watch the sunset across dunes.

Day 4:  In the morning we continue our journey, which will take you across the magnificent Wahiba Sands. Crossing the desert from north to south, you will spend the next hours in a heightened state of exhilaration as you experience rolling sand dunes, varying from deep red to a rich honey color, stretching as far as the eye can see. The spectacular landscape of the Wahiba Sands is visually sensational and the experience of the crossing offers both excitement and a great sense of achievement. At the end of the day you reach the village of Qihayd, located on the edge of the Arabian Sea, here we set our camp; BBQ dinner and perfect camping location seems a fitting end to an incredible day of adventure.

Day 5:  Next day after breakfast we will drive along the coast to the fishing village of Qurun.  From there we will drive into the sands once more to an amazing natural desert forest of Gaph Trees – The Wood Land.  We will drive through this natural desert forest to Jaalan.  We will pass many Bedouin settlements on our way to Jaalan.  Here we will stop by the 52 domes unique mosque and Bani Hamooda Castle. Continue the drive to Ras al Hadd where we will stay overnight in a beach resort. Later in the night, we will drive to Ras al-Jinz Scientific Centre to have a guided tour along the turtle beach to see the giant sea turtles laying their eggs under the light of the stars. –

Day 6:  After breakfast we will commence our travel to the ancient seafaring township of Sur. Sur is where the traditional wooden Omani Dhows are made. It also features many fine old homes with carved doors. Then travel to the famous village of Tiwi.  At Tiwi we will visit Wadi Shab which is considered one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman.  You will have ample time to hike through this wadi and enjoy exploring and swimming. From here we will drive to the spectacular Bama Sinkhole.  After enjoying the crystal clear water at this sinkhole, we will travel through the mountains back to Muscat.

*If you planning to book all 6 days tour as described above, then the TOTAL COST will be;
1500 RO (3950 USD) for 2 persons / 600 RO (1580 USD) for additional 2 persons.
Include: Private Tour, double/twin sharing accommodation, all meals, refreshments, entry fees & Expert Omani Guide.
We want you to feel like you’re traveling with an insider, everywhere you go, every time you travel to Oman. That’s our main goal here at Tour in Oman.