One Day Oman Tours

  • grand mosque - Muscat city tour
5 hrs Morning
The first stop on the Capital of Oman tour will be at the largest mosque in Oman, the Grand Mosque of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. From here we will take you to one of most beautiful houses in Oman - Bait Al Baranda Museum, which was constructed in 1913 by Nasib Khan, a famous business man from Muscat. Here you will discover the remarkable history and geology of your travel destination. Next stop in Mutrah will be at the Fish Souq and Oman's largest Traditional Souq. After this, you will visit old Muscat and see the Sultan's Al Alam Palace. You will also see, standing at the entrance to Muscat Bay, the twin Forts of Jalali and Mirani, which, are among Oman's most famous forts. Your return trip to Muscat will take you via the village of Sidab and Bander Al Bustan
Cost 80 RO (210 USD) max 4 people
Include: Private Tour, refreshments, entry fees & Expert Omani Guide.
Fanja & Wadi Khawd
Fanja is the first town that welcomes you while leaving Muscat toward Al Dakhiliyah Region. Beginning in the morning we drive south west of Muscat to Fanja town. At Fanja we will visit the traditional Pottery Souq. After spending some enjoyable time at this charming souq we will buy our lunch for the wadi, then heading to Wadi Fanja. This wadi will lead us to Wadi Al Khawd. The drive through the Wadis is fantastic and renowned as one of the most fantastic locations in the nearby area surrounding Muscat. The 4x4 vehicle will take you through many water streams and pools, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy dipping in the pond of fresh clear water, while little wadi fish give you feet spa.
Cost 120 RO (320 USD) max 4 people
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
  • Wadi Khawd - a day tour
  • Nizwa souq
Beginning your excursion in the morning we drive through the magnificent Al Hajar Mountains via Fanja and Sumail to the township of Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman. Nizwa is the main city in the interiors region, which linked with Muscat and the coast through the Sumail Gap. At Nizwa explore the traditional Souq.  After this we will travel to the oasis of Bahla with its rich tradition of pottery, weaving and magic. Visit Bahla Fort considered the oldest and biggest fort in Oman. The fort and the 12Km Bahla Wall has been declared by UNESCO a world heritage in 1987. Continuing on to Jebrin Castle constructed in 1670.  From here you will return to Muscat.
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments, entry fees & Expert Omani Guide.
Jebel Akhdar – Oman Green Mountain is located approximately 170 km from Muscat. Considered one of the most scenic areas in Oman, it is a part of the magnificent Hajar Mountain Range.  Jebel Akhdar has this name because of the abundance of green terraced gardens surrounding the villages. Start your day trip leaving Muscat and drive through magnificent rugged scenery to the town of Birkat Al Mawz. The winding drive up the mountains is spectacular and the views breath-taking. You will see villages perched precariously on the sides of mountains and these offer fantastic opportunities to explore winding ancient pathways and view incredible terraced cultivation. We will visit the villages of Al Aqor, Al Ain, Sayq and Wadi Bani Habib. Jebel Akhdar is renowned for its high quality miniature pink roses which, for hundreds of years, have been distilled traditionally to produce its famous rose water.  During harvest in April the wonderful fragrance can be smelt all over the plateau.
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
  • the road to Jabal Akhdar Mountain
  • rock formations - Oman tour
Travel through the Eastern Hajar Mountains heading south-east of Muscat to Qurayyat and Al Mazara. Visit Wadi Dayqah Dam, which is the biggest dam in Oman; and the picnic area setting adding extra beauty to the spectacular view of the surrounding. From here we start our off-road drive through the mountains - there will be many great photo opportunities of the rugged landscape. Arriving at Wadi Al Arbeieen, we will stop by one of the rock pools for refreshing swim in the crystal clear water. Also because of the size of this wadi is perfect to find secluded picnic spot and to enjoy hiking. After swimming and hiking, we return to Muscat with great memories of Oman wadis and mountains. 
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
Starting your wadi Shab tour in the morning we travel through the Eastern Hajar Mountains, arriving at the dramatic Bama Sinkhole. Next, we will continue travelling through the coastal road to Wadi Shab - wadi meaning "gorge between cliffs". Your tour guide will take you for a visually breathtaking, easy walk through the Wadi. 40 minutes walk through the canyon will bring you to a series of streams and pools.  You will have the opportunity to swim through a pond of crystal clear water and swim through a narrow keyhole, surfacing inside a magnificent and Magical cave, which contains an inspiring waterfall. After this we will visit Tiwi village where you will enjoy lunch and conversation. Return to Muscat with a lasting memory.
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
  • wadi shab
  • Wahiba Sand Desert - Oman tour
Wahiba's is desert in the romantic sense of the word. The rolling sand dunes varying from deep red to a rich honey color, stretching as far as the eye can see. This is the traditional home of the nomadic Bedouin. Starting in the morning we travel into the Al Hajar Mountains across the desert plains through the townships of Ibra and Al Qabil Your destination is the Golden Sea Sands of Wahiba Desert (Rimal Ash Sharqiyyah). At Wahiba you will experience 4WDriving on the sand dunes as well as a visit to a Bedouin community. There will be the chance for you to ride a camel and the opportunity to meet with the Bedouin women and purchase their traditional handicrafts. Return back to Muscat.
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
Your culture tour begins by driving along the magnificent coastline to Barka, visit the souq and the fish Market at Barka. Then heading to Rustaq, this city was once the capital of Oman, also it came to the forefront of Oman history when Imam Nasser Bin Murshid Al Ya’rubi unify Oman and repel the Portuguese out of the country in the 17th century. Rustaq is famous for two impressive and historical landmarks; Al Rustaq Fort and Al Hazam Castle. After this we will drive to the Oasis of Nakhal. Here you will visit the 17th century Fort and visit Ain Al Thowarah Hot Springs. After this we will start the journey back to Muscat.
Cost 160 RO (420 USD) for 2 persons / 20 USD for additional 2 person.
Include: Private Tour, lunch, refreshments, entry fee & Expert Omani Guide.
  • Nakhl Fort - Oman tour
  • Oman Snake Canyon Hike - Oman tour
Snake Canyon is by far the most diverse and challenging wadis. Every bend is a photo opportunity. Snake Canyon is an awesome hike although and definitely not considered to be easy but, having completed it you will feel inspired. The name "Snake Canyon" refers to the serpentine effect created by the water cutting through the mountains and the wadi snaking through offering a fantastic trip past waterfalls and pools. Our hike is approximately 4-5 hours will have you jumping from boulders rocks into water pools and swimming in cave under the mountains. At places so narrow that you can barely swim between the sides of the mountain. This canyon is for the adventurous spirit and requires a level of fitness. You will need to be a good swimmer in addition to being capable of climbing and jumping from boulders.
Cost 200 RO (530 USD) max 4 people
Include: Private Tour, snacks, refreshments & Expert Omani Guide.
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